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Crane Norway Group adds nine new Grove all-terrain cranes to its fleet

  • Crane Norway Group purchased nine new Grove GMK all-terrain cranes – five GMK5250XL-1, two GMK6300L-1, one GMK5150L and one GMK3060L model. 
  • The cranes will be sent to work at construction sites, wind farms, oil refineries and offshore oil platforms. 

Crane Norway Group recently purchased nine new Grove all-terrain cranes to add to its company fleet and to meet increased demand from customers for high capacity cranes. Along with five new Grove GMK5250XL-1 models, Crane Norway Group has also taken delivery of two GMK6300L-1, one GMK5150L and one GMK3060L. UN Mobilkraner, Manitowoc’s dealer in Norway, finalized the sale in October 2019. 

The nine Grove cranes have been shipped from Manitowoc’s plant in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, to Norway. The all-terrain cranes will be used for a variety of jobs – from small construction sites to the installation of wind farms and major oil and gas construction projects. The cranes will also be working offshore on oil platforms in the North Sea where they will help carry out maintenance and construction jobs.  

“We already own 15 Grove cranes and were looking for new models with outstanding lifting capacities to add to our fleet,” said Trond Helge Skretting, COO at Crane Norway Group. “We purchased our first Grove crane in 1986 – a Grove TM760EN – and have added different GMK models to our fleet in recent years. We’ve always been extremely satisfied with the consistent performance and reliability of our Grove cranes, and so have our customers. That’s why we selected the Grove all-terrain cranes.” 

The excellent service support provided in the region was another reason for Crane Norway Group to choose Grove over competitors. 

“We know that if there’s ever an issue, the team at UN Mobilkraner and Manitowoc will be quick to help solve it and provide outstanding service,” Skretting said. 

“We’re very pleased that nine of our versatile Grove GMKs are expanding Crane Norway Group’s all-terrain crane offering in the region and are looking forward to further strengthening our partnership,” said Erdogan Arslan, regional director for mobile cranes in Central Europe & Scandinavia. 

“It’s exciting to do business with a company that offers extensive experience and is always ready to take on new projects to ensure customer satisfaction,” said Rune Dybvik, UN Mobilkraner sales manager for Norway. 

Grove all-terrain cranes with great performance

Crane Norway Group is especially enthusiastic about the new Grove GMK5250XL-1. With its 78.5 m main boom, the crane has the longest main boom in its class. Combining high capacities up to 250 t with excellent maneuverability, the GMK5250XL-1 can perform a multitude of jobs, ensuring high return on investment. With its single engine design and EUROMOT 5 emission levels, the all-terrain crane meets the latest regulations. In Norway, this is especially important as construction companies are increasing their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. The GMK5250XL-1 also delivers lower operating costs due to a 30% decrease in diesel consumption compared to previous generation models. 

Having been on the market for a few years already, the five-axle GMK5150L offers great jobsite accessibility and maneuverability due to its compact design with only 2.75 m width of the chassis. With a capacity of 150 t and a 60 m main boom, the GMK5150L is a powerful and versatile crane –  especially in its taxi configuration, as the crane is able to transport up to 10.2 t counterweight while maintaining 12 t per axle, offering strong capacities. When fully extended, its boom has a capacity of 11.8 t, making the GMK5150L ideal for applications where strength at height is needed. The crane also features a compact footprint, outstanding fuel efficiency and more than 20% stronger load capacities compared to its predecessor, the GMK5130-2.

With its 80 m long boom and a capacity of 300 t, the GMK6300L-1 excels at long boom applications and lifting large capacities. The increased working radius and capacities when working at height add to the versatility of this crane. When operating with the main boom, it can lift up to 14 t at full height and can handle this within a 14 m – 28 m working radius. The GMK5250XL-1 and GMK6300L-1 share the same counterweights and auxiliary hoists, adding flexibility and reducing transportation logistics and costs. 

Grove’s new GMK3060L combines a strong, 48 m long main boom with a very compact design and fast operating speeds. With a carrier length of less than 8.8 m and 2.55 m width, the GMK3060L is suitable for the tightest construction sites in city centers and projects in densely populated areas. Due to its low height of only 3.64 m with the suspension fully lowered and a basic boom length of 9.55 m, it can even be used in halls or interiors. The GMK3060L offers the strongest taxi load charts in its class and can lift 6.6 t at full height when operating with the main boom. 

Grove GMK cranes are renowned for comfort and drivability, thanks to patented solutions such as the MEGATRAK independent suspension and all-wheel steering system. This technology offers a ground clearance of up to 600 mm and ensures the wheels remain on the ground at all times for the optimal traction that allows the GMKs to operate as true all-terrain cranes. 

To meet Norwegian road regulations regarding axle load limits, Manitowoc has equipped all cranes – except for the GMK3060L – with a boom removal kit and a trailer hitch for a boom dolly. The two GMK6300L-1 cranes come with a self-rigging, removable outrigger box (ROB) and quick connections for the front outriggers. These are ideal for easy removal and help to reduce the weight of the machine for lighter road travel configurations. They also make it easy to prepare to lift the crane onto offshore supply vessels or rig platforms for special operations in the North Sea. Some of the cranes are also equipped with a BGR 159 emergency operation kit which is required for offshore rig operations. 

About Crane Norway Group AS

Crane Norway Group consists of six companies: Nordic Crane Nord AS (Tromsø, Bodø), Nordic Crane Sør AS (Kristiansand), Nordic Crane Midt-Norge AS (Trondheim, Ålesund, Verdal, Mosjøen), Nordic Crane Vest AS (Stavanger, Haugesund, Bergen), Nordic Crane Oslo AS (Alnabru), and Nordic Crane Engineering AS). The Group’s headquarters are based in Soma in Norway’s Sola municipality. As one of Scandinavia's largest providers of mobile crane lifting services and special transports, the Crane Norway Group has in-depth expertise and experience. The company plans, documents and executes projects with a focus on quality and safety, mainly within the areas of construction, petroleum, industry and wind power. Crane Norway Group’s annual turnover is NOK 720 million. In total, the company has 350 employees and 300 mobile cranes and cranes/trucks. 

Image caption: Birger Lea, operations manager at Nordic Crane Vest; Trond Helge Skretting, COO of Crane Norway Group and Rune Dybvik, UN Mobilkraner sales manager for Norway celebrate the handover of nine Grove all-terrain cranes.

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Birger Lea, operations manager at Nordic Crane Vest; Trond Helge Skretting, COO of Crane Norway Group and Rune Dybvik, UN Mobilkraner sales manager for Norway celebrate the handover of nine Grove all-terrain cranes.
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Crane Norway Group adds nine new Grove all-terrain cranes to its fleet