Why Manitowoc?
To play an integral role in building the physical communities of future generations

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The Manitowoc Way is based on developing and executing lean strategies to continuously improve efficiency, profitability, and value creation for our key stakeholders. Employees deliver the commitment to manufacture products our Customers will value and buy which attracts and entices Shareholders to pour more resources into the organization to foster growth and commitment to even better products and processes in the future. This virtuous, triangular cycle is the essence of The Manitowoc Way.

This cycle is fueled with Innovation and Velocity. These concepts allow Manitowoc to sustain continuous operational improvement and, ultimately, excellence.

Innovation is all about people. We have excellent people at Manitowoc and we need to eliminate waste through non-value-added activities that stifle creativity. People with passion and perseverance can creatively improve processes or invent new ones that make the organization better. That’s innovation.

Velocity is not strictly about speed, it’s about doing the right things quickly. Speed is scalar and can lack purpose in its direction. Velocity is a vector, not scalar, and cognizant of direction. The Manitowoc Way channels the organization in the right direction quickly and accurately in response to shifting conditions.

The Manitowoc Way is a highly efficient culture that identifies and eliminates all waste and concentrates on the value-added activities that benefit our customers.

The Manitowoc way


Career Development

Career development is about identifying those who would make great leaders at all levels of the organization, and then give them the training and opportunities to do so. Internal training efforts and continuing education offerings through generous tuition reimbursement programs help you find endless opportunities to develop your skills and build something real.

Equal Opportunity Employer

“Diverse and inclusive thinking drives our innovation. To meet the needs of a diverse customer base, we reflect that diversity within our organization and celebrate it in communities around the world.”

United States Military Veterans

As a Veteran, you know what it takes to build something real. You bring a unique outlook, strong work ethic, and the kind of character we appreciate and value as an employer. That’s why we encourage you to take a look at the variety of job opportunities available at Manitowoc which compliment your military background.

Logistics and supply chain

Logistics & Supply Chain Build Something Real with a global network of professionals at Manitowoc who source and purchase products and materials to support our world-class operations. Providing detailed analytical support to promote fact-based decisions helps Manitowoc build high-quality, cost-effective products that keep us at the forefront of the industry.


Work on cross-functional global teams and build the innovations of tomorrow. From research and development to improving our existing equipment - we'll give you the opportunity to showcase your engineering skills and build something real.


Build something real by working on challenging projects that leverage your skills and leadership abilities to guide business decisions that create value for our customers and investors. Cash management, accounting, reporting, and tax strategy are just some of the financing activities you might be involved in.

Information Technology

Work on challenging projects that make the most of your technical abilities and build something real. Collaborate with IT professionals to research and recommend new technologies, provide solutions to business problems, recommend best practices, and support enterprise objectives.


Manitowoc Crane Care, our aftermarket product support solution, delivers superior value through best-in-class service and support. Build something real by creating value for our customers through a global network of service and distribution centers for Manitowoc’s product lines.


Our brands lead the industry and global markets offer abundant potential. Drive our sales growth by anticipating customer needs, identifying challenges and working with our product managers to deliver solutions.

Marketing & Product Management

Work on challenging projects that make the most of your talent by delivering value to our customers, actively promoting and marketing our family of brands, and working to maintain our competitive edge. Build something real as you market the products and services that make Manitowoc an industry leader.

Human Resources

If you’re in the business of “people management” and thrive in an environment where you can make a difference in the lives of employees, then you can grow professionally along with our employees as we foster our Manitowoc Way company culture globally. Build something real with a leader in crane innovation and velocity!


The complexities of global commerce demand the knowledge, foresight and vigilance of the brightest corporate legal minds. Join our strong and versatile legal team as we build something real worldwide.


Manufacturing managers and engineers are skillful planners and outstanding leaders who thrive on building excellence. As part of that team, you’ll help build something real with the products that make Manitowoc an industry leader.


Quality professionals tend to be perfectionists who constantly seek change to improve product and process. They are essential to our business as they build something real for our customers and employees. If this sounds like you, come and build something real with us.


Investing in people as early as possible is wise and we believe in hiring students with talent and potential, and growing our future leaders from within. If you're a student who'd like to explore an internship or are a recent graduate seeking employment, Manitowoc would like to talk with you.


A manufacturing career filled with challenge, passion, pride, and satisfaction starts with looking for every opportunity to improve efficiencies and productivity while increasing quality. Lean manufacturing principles improve our processes and build something real for you and our customers.