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Full-capacity crane and aerial lift delivers ultimate productivity.


  • Description

    1. Dual-rating

    • Fully compliant with both crane and aerial lift industry standards as well as OSHA
    • ROI and utilization benefits as a 36 2 t (40 USt) crane and 544 kg (1200 lb.) platform capacity aerial lift
    • More efficient setup & operation – no test weights no trial lifts or proof loads
    • Ultimate tool for your fleet


    2. Simpler Smoother Smarter operation

    • Graphical RCL for ease of setup in both crane and aerial modes
    • Proportional joystick control in operator cab and fully adjustable control in the aerial lift platform
    • Aerial controls feature quick setup features real-time feedback of operating range and wind speed plus automatic function slowdowns when approaching the extents of the working range
    • Emergency lowering system for aerial lift package


    3. Class leading boom length with the 142ft boom option

    • No need to swing the jib to reach 150ft platform working height
    • Available jib to work at over 200ft
    • Other available boom length options are a 31 4 m (103 ft.) and 38 7 m (127 ft.)

    4. Enhanced Access/Egress & Setup

    • Strengthened decking improved ladders for easier access
    • Lighter polymeric outrigger floats = easier to use and less prone to theft when on the job

    5. Field-hardened NBT40 Series DNA

    • Installed base of over 1 000 machines and counting
    • Proven standard for the boomtruck market