• Description

    Groundbreaking performances for a Topless

    • Specific design based on the Topless concept, with low space requirements to adapt to multi-crane jobsites
    • High working heights obtained through newly developed installation bases and new reinforced mast K800
    • Integrated CCS control system

    Optimized and economical transport

    • Compact size and limited weight of each of the crane elements
    • 9 containers at the most for transportation of the whole slewing crane part with a 80 m jib.

    Fastest high capacity topless crane assembly

    • Simple and rapid unfolding of the counterweight tray
    • Wired towerhead/cab assembly fitted just once (no dismantling between sites)
    • Cathead/jib foot is single element
    • Modular jib without tie bars: several configurations are possible; lighter package weights with quick and easy handling
    • Slinging points on the crane elements for easy assembling process
    • Tie-off points for technicians safety harnesses during erection process
    • 8 m cross-shaped base in one contrainer, easy to assemble
    • Quick and easy commissioning, adjustment of safety devices done in cab on the CCS screen

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