Manitowoc Crane Care is the online and on-site crane training source for all Manitowoc, Grove, Potain, National Crane, and Shuttelift products. Our curriculum is designed for crane technicians from beginner to advanced certifications levels and offers training for all generations of Manitowoc operating systems and components.

As the technology built into cranes continues to advance, it’s important to learn new skills that can increase your proficiency and decrease downtime. Whether you’re a customer or dealer technician, we offer training to support your needs. Our goal is to provide you with a competitive advantage by increasing your knowledge and skills. To accomplish this, we are dedicated to continuously improving and expanding the training we offer. The training offered through Manitowoc Crane Care is part of the total value package you experience as a Manitowoc customer.

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Technical Learning Center
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    OCSI - Onboard Crane Service Interface Screens - Manitowoc Garage

    Manitowoc Garage video

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MLC300 Lockable Cwt (Spanish) - Manitowoc Garage

07:53 ES

MLC100-1 Inspection (Spanish) - Manitowoc Garage


999 Pressure Sender Cal (Spanish) - Manitowoc Garage


Grove iScout Service Menus - Manitowoc Garage


GMK CCS Service Menus - Manitowoc Garage

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Manitowoc - Build Something Real

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Manitowoc Garage - GMK Datalogger

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Manitowoc Garage - National Crane HED RCL Setup Features

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Piezas Originales Potain (ES)