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Azimut Construction purchases Azerbaijan’s first Potain MCT 275 for residential project

  • Developer and contractor Azimut Construction received the new crane for its Premium Residence building, which is currently under construction. 
  • The company purchased Azerbaijan’s first Potain MCT 275 topless crane after positive experiences with its MC 235C

Potain continues to build its reputation for construction excellence across Central Asia, with the delivery of the first MCT 275 topless crane to Azerbaijan. This new unit is being used by Azimut Construction in its own Premium Residence development, which is due to be completed in 2024.
The MCT 275 was erected with an initial height under the hook of 40 m and will eventually reach 101 m. Azimut Construction purchased the crane from Azerbaijan's Potain dealer, AS Texnika, who also sold Azimut Construction its first Potain crane, the MC 235C, several years ago. The MCT 275 was selected for its topless design, enabling faster assembly and stronger lifting capability. 

“We loved the efficiency and performance of our MC 235C, and we received excellent aftersales support from AS Texnika and Potain. For this latest project, Premium Residence, we wanted a crane that could match the class and scale of the development. It was an easy decision to add the MCT 275, because of our confidence and trust in AS Texnika, plus Potain’s global reputation for high quality,” said Kenan Orujlu, owner of Azimut Construction. 

The Potain MCT 275 offers strong load charts and fast setup. There are two versions – one with a 10 t maximum capacity and the other with a 12 t maximum capacity. Up to 70 m of jib is available for both versions, allowing them to cover wider areas. The 10 t version will lift up to 2.3 t tip loads when working with the full jib, while the 12 t version has a 2.2 t tip capacity with the same jib. 

Azimut Construction received the 12 t Potain MCT 275 K12.


Elena Morozova
Marketing Manager
Manitowoc Crane Group ME (FZE)
M: +971 56 603 2728