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Davis Company leads Potain innovation once again with the first Hup M 28-22 self-erecting tower crane in North America

  • At the forefront for the second time, Davis Company introduced the first Igo MA 21 self-erecting tower crane to North America in 2005, and its outstanding performance has now led the contractor to purchase the first Potain Hup M 28-22 in the region. 
  • The Hup M 28-22 is configured with an integrated transport axle, which enhances the crane’s maneuverability on narrow, restricted job sites.
  • Davis Company reiterated its commitment to innovation and trust in Potain cranes with a celebration at CONEXPO 2020.

Davis Company, a general contractor in fast-growing Reno, Nevada, has purchased the first Potain Hup M 28-22 self-erecting tower crane in North America, once again leading the country in the adoption of new technology and innovation in self-erecting tower cranes. 
The company first invested in a Potain in 2005, when it purchased the first Igo MA 21 in North America. A decade and a half later, the 2 USt capacity, 85.3 ft jib radius crane continues to work consistently on job sites throughout Nevada and California, the two states the company operates in since 1971.
According to Dennis Davis, founder and owner of Davis Company, the day-in, day-out reliability and outstanding performance of his Potain Igo MA 21 that guided his decision to add one of the newest Potain self-erecting Hup model to his fleet.
“These Potain cranes are just amazing,” Davis said. “We’re excited about our new Hup M 28-22 and its new features. We’ll put it to work building apartments, retirement housing and motels as soon as it is delivered. Its small footprint and easy operation make it perfect for the projects we undertake.”
The Hup M 28-22 is the third model from the Hup self-erecting crane range and the first to prioritize mobility — symbolized by the M in its name. Showcasing its mobility, the crane is configured with an integrated transport axle (North America compliant), which allows transportation by 5-wheel or two bar over the road. Once on the job site, the transport axle can maneuver the crane into position by wireless remote.  The new maneuverability opportunities of the Hup M 28-22 enable work in narrow, restricted job sites, as well as making it easy to transport from site to site.
“The Hup M 28-22’s features are impressive. It offers a long radius, strong capacities and a tall height under hook for a crane that is completely self-contained,” said Kelly Hadland, CEO at Compass Equipment, the Gilbert, Arizona-based dealer that will supply the crane to Davis Company. “This new crane demonstrates Manitowoc’s commitment to listening to customers and putting their needs into manufacturing practice.”
The Potain Hup M 28-22 features two load charts, each with 16 configurations, which is unique to this category of self-erecting cranes, enabling it to be easily adapted for a wide range of job site applications. The crane has a maximum capacity of 2.4 USt and can impressively lift 1,874 lb at its 92 ft jib end.
Davis Company’s Hup M 28-22 is being delivered post-CONEXPO.
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Dennis Davis, founder and owner of Davis Company, and Ashley Young celebrate the company’s new Potain Hup M 28-22 crane at CONEXPO 2020.
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Back in 2005, Davis Company purchased the first Igo MA 21 in North America. The crane continues to be used at job sites in Nevada and California.