Dunloc Rental brings the Grove RT765E-2 to the Amazon

Just a few months after taking delivery of a Grove RT765E-2 rough-terrain crane Dunloc Rental is already praising its new crane. The Manaus Brazil-based company was the first to bring the crane to the Amazon Rainforest region and so far it has defied muddy terrain and challenging locations to bring the company a solid return on its investment.

The first project for Dunloc’s Grove RT765E-2 was the lifting of naval parts near the Port of Manaus on the Negro River an important commercial center for vessels bound to Atlantic Ocean shipping routes.

The second task for the Grove crane was a series of heavy precast concrete lifts which required a “strong and reliable” crane General Manager Renan Medeiros explained.

“We won the contract for the precast project because we were able to show our customer the advantages that a Grove rough-terrain crane can deliver such as high capacity with a small footprint ” he said. “Our biggest obstacle was the mud due to high rainfall levels in the Amazon region. Fortunately this was not a problem for the Grove RT765E-2 as it handled the unstable terrain with ease.”

Back to the beginning
The relationship between Dunloc Rental and Manitowoc began back in mid-2012 at the M&T EXPO show in São Paulo. At the time the 26-year-old entrepreneur learned much about Manitowoc Cranes and the opening of its factory in Passo Fundo which marked the first time the company had ever assembled cranes in Brazil.

“Both at the trade show and here in Manaus I began to hear comments from other owners of rental companies about the advantages of Manitowoc cranes ” Medeiros said. “I then decided to learn more about the company and eventually was invited to visit the plant in Passo Fundo.”

Medeiros visited the Manitowoc facility in Passo Fundo in September 2014 during a Crane Day event an occasion held by Manitowoc for representatives of rental companies distributors and members of the press in Brazil and Latin America.

“I was very impressed with the level of excellence of the facility ” Medeiros said. “We saw all of the stages of production and assembly and had the opportunity to learn about the benefits of Crane Care service and EnCORE. The visit was very worthwhile.”

Dunloc Rental took delivery of its first Grove RT765E-2 the day after Christmas last year.

Investment in quality
One of the deciding factors for Dunloc Rental in its purchase of the RT765E-2 was Manitowoc’s reputation for quality and robustness – attributes visibly present on the cranes manufactured in Brazil. Medeiros said it was clear that the company’s Passo Fundo plant enjoys the same levels of excellence seen at Manitowoc plants in the United States and Germany for example.

“The rental market in the Amazon region is quite picky about the reliability of cranes especially for the several large-scale works that are benefiting the Amazonas state's economy ” he said. “Based on this and believing in the versatility that a rough terrain crane provides our company sought to understand the advantages that premium products such as Manitowoc cranes offer for rental companies and end consumers. We have no doubt that the investment will pay off as it’s already giving us a great return.”

The 60 t (65 USt) capacity Grove RT765E-2 crane is extremely mobile on all types of terrains making it ideal for the types of infrastructure applications occurring in Amazonas. It features four-wheel multi-mode steering and a Full Vision cab that helps operators maneuver through rugged job sites such as the muddy areas in rainy Amazon.

Talent in northern Brazil
Guilherme Rodrigues a senior Manitowoc sales executive in the region said Medeiros has demonstrated the talent and ability needed to develop lasting partnerships in the crane rental sector in Amazonas.

“I’ve known Renan since early 2013 and I’ve seen him steer Dunloc Rental on the path of success overcoming obstacles and experimenting with new ideas ” he said. “I have no doubt that Renan will succeed and will make the company a reference in quality for the North and Northeast regions in Brazil.”

Founded in 2012 Dunloc Rental serves Manaus and the surrounding region with lifting services aerial work platforms and light towers among other offerings. The company provides services to customers in an array of industries in the Amazonas state such as construction and energy.

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