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The Manitowoc Company and Brooke’s House are helping women build something real

Global crane manufacturer and Hagerstown residential treatment facility provide new beginnings for women recovering from substance use.

The women living in a restored bungalow in Hagerstown, Maryland, share more than a home. Each has graduated from substance abuse treatment through the local Brooke’s House program and is now taking the first steps to independence with full-time careers at Manitowoc Cranes in Shady Grove, Pennsylvania.

On Thursday, February 9, the home’s residents, joined by Brooke’s House founders Kevin and Dana Simmers and Manitowoc representatives, dedicated the property as “The Manitowoc House.” The name reflects the crane manufacturer’s commitment to providing opportunities to Brooke’s House residents, many of whom have uneven work histories, lack of skillsets, and confidence issues to successfully make the transition from addiction to recovery.

Founded in 2019, Brooke’s House provides a community-based, safe, stable, and emotionally supportive living environment for adult women in the early stages of substance abuse recovery.

Manitowoc has been a corporate sponsor of Brooke’s House since its founding. In 2022, the Company stepped up its commitment by providing job training and employment in welding and assembly operations for women who have graduated from the in-treatment portion of the Brooke’s House program. 

“We feel the three key pieces to success for women in recovery are to equip them with social skills, job training, and a purpose. We were looking for area employers that would give our graduates a chance, and Manitowoc stepped up to the plate. We never asked for preferential treatment for our residents, just the opportunity,” said Kevin Simmers.

Since July 2022, ten women have been trained by Manitowoc in welding and assembly operations, and are now helping build mobile hydraulic cranes, crawler cranes, and boom trucks under the company’s Manitowoc, Grove, National Crane, and Shuttlelift brands.

“The Manitowoc House” in Hagerstown serves as the employees’ transitional home before they advance to fully independent living. The home was purchased by Brooke’s House and underwent significant renovations, largely through community donations. It is one of three residences operated by the program in addition to the main in-treatment house, also located in Hagerstown.

“Manitowoc believes in the mission of Brooke’s House and we recognize the challenges these women face as they re-enter the workforce. As one of the region’s leading manufacturers, we want to be part of the solution by providing them with training and jobs that offer not only a sustainable income but boundless potential,” said Dave Hull, General Manager for North America, Manitowoc Cranes.

One of those residents is Clarissa T., whose life has taken a seismic turn since coming to Brooke’s House after years of substance abuse. Now graduated from treatment and enrolled in Manitowoc’s six-week welding school, Clarissa takes immense pride in making a fresh start. “It’s fulfilling to put something together with your own hands and to be so well-accepted into this heavy-manufacturing environment by everyone at Manitowoc, being that I am a female and with my background. I want to build a career here and eventually be reunited with my two children. I want to just set up a nice life for us and give them everything that I didn’t have.”

Brooke’s House has deep personal ties to Kevin and Dana Simmers. In 2015, they lost their daughter, Brooke, to a heroin overdose after several failed efforts at in-house rehabs. The centers were often located in drug-ridden neighborhoods with a stark, hospital-like feel. 

“That's when we decided that we wanted to really fulfill her dream to have a treatment house that treated women with dignity and respect, and gives them an honest chance of recovery,” Kevin said.


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