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Potain tower cranes working at highest job site in Europe

Four Potain tower cranes are rebuilding a ski resort more than 2 660 m above sea level on a glacier in the Austrian Alps. The cranes which include two self-erecting and two top-slewing models are contending with heavy snow fall high winds and freezing temperatures at the €10 million project.

The Potain cranes are owned by Austrian crane rental company Lauer Baumaschinen based in Jenbach. Harald Hornbacher managing director of Lauer explains that the challenging environment and climate is no excuse for work delays.

“The schedule is crucial – not only to avoid the worst of the weather which comes in November but to ensure the resort is up and running for the upcoming ski season ” he says. “That is why we are using our Potain tower cranes. We can rely on them for a fast assembly and efficient work. And I am pleased to report we are on schedule.”

The cranes were transported from their base in Jenbach 60 km away to the Hinterlux Glacier Ski Resort in western Austria this May. They will remain at the project site for six months. The cranes provide complete coverage of the mountain-top job site and are lifting general construction materials.

All four Potain tower cranes at the Hinterlux project site feature well-insulated and air-heated cabs to ensure the operators remain comfortable in the cold climate which often remains at O˚C or lower for weeks at a time. Working in high winds that often change direction means a focused operator and precise load control is crucial to ensuring work proceeds without incident.

The two top-slewing cranes are a 6 t capacity MDT 128 and an 8 t capacity MDT 178 from the topless range. They are erected at heights of 35 m and 40 m respectively. The larger MDT 178 has a full 60 m jib while the MDT 128 is fitted with a 55 m jib.

The self-erecting cranes include a 6 t capacity GTMR 346 B which is 23 m tall and includes a 45 m jib; and a 4 t capacity GTMR 331 B which is 16 m tall and is rigged with a 35 m jib.

Lauer has served the Austrian construction industry for more than 60 years providing cranes generators and medium-sized construction equipment to job sites across the country.

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