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MR 418 A

The Potain MR 418 A is designed to get you set up and working faster while still providing the capacity and compact footprint that our cranes are known for.

A new on-board control system allows for operation mere minutes after assembly is completed and the uniquely mounted luffing mechanism and hoist ensures there is plenty of room for operation even in the tightest of jobsites.

Perfect for power plants or high-rise buildings including super-tall structures.

Total luffing time: 1 min 15 sec
Maximum hoisting speed: 254 meters per minute


  • Potain Cab-IN

    Potain Cab-IN

    Potain Cab-IN, the new Potain cranes operator lift
    Access ladders installed in parallel to the operator lift
    Operator lift developed with our partner GEDA


  • Description
    • Fully frequency-controlled mechanisms for precision control 
    • Very high speed high capacity hoist winches maximize productivity at very tall working heights
    • Luffing mechanism and hoist are uniquely mounted inside the counterjib
    • New on-board control system easy and rapid teach-in programming (only 3 parameters to be calibrated)
    • Power control function (reduced electrical demand) both for luffing AND hoisting winches
    • Excellent capabilities for working on high-rise projects
    • One fall / 2 falls load block reeving
    • Adaptability to the power network (50 hz or 60 hz automatically selected by the crane itself)
    • Cable length up to 830 m
    • Optimized counter jib length of 9 4 m (30.8 ft) and articulating counterweight minimize out of service radius