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Brooke’s House receives $150K donation from Manitowoc and partners

  • The partnership between Manitowoc and Brooke’s House dates to 2020; the Company employs several graduates from Brooke’s House at its Shady Grove, Pennsylvania factory.

Brooke’s House, a rehabilitation center in Hagerstown, Maryland, dedicated to aiding women in recovery, has received $100,000 from Manitowoc and $50,000 from its dealers and customers. The partnership has proven mutually beneficial, with Manitowoc employing nearly 20 Brooke’s House graduates who have gained valuable occupational skills and job training while recovering from substance abuse.

Dave Hull, Manitowoc’s general manager for mobile cranes, North America, shared the story behind the partnership during a customer event at the company. He praised the efforts of Kevin and Dana Simmers, founders of Brooke’s House, and expressed his admiration for the initiative, the commitment of Manitowoc’s executive team to support the cause, and funding from the Manitowoc Foundation.

“I’ve known Kevin for 35 years and I understand the journey that he and Dana have been on. I’m incredibly proud of my Company for supporting Brooke’s House. Every person on the stage here has visited Brooke’s House, met the women, and witnessed the real impact of our support. This is not just a partnership, it’s a commitment to building something real and meaningful in our community,” Hull said.

Kevin Simmers also spoke at the event, discussing Brooke’s House’s origin and future goals, including expanding mental health services by building a $1.5 million equine therapy facility. He emphasized the importance of community and industry support in making a difference.

“We’re extremely grateful. Manitowoc gives Brooke’s House graduates the chance to join its workforce and build a new life. The support we’ve received from Manitowoc and its community truly exemplifies what makes this country great. Thank you all very much,” Simmers said.

The partnership between Manitowoc and Brooke’s House dates back to 2020. In 2023, a small ceremony marked the designation of a restored bungalow in Hagerstown, where some of Brooke’s House graduates live, as “The Manitowoc House.”


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