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Grove GMK5150L proves ideal for Colombia’s oil and gas extraction industry

  • Central Trenec, a company that services the oil sector, has been using the Grove crane since July 2020 for challenging jobs that require precision and strength.
  • The Grove all-terrain crane has enabled the company to complete jobs faster than what was initially requested by customers.
  • The GMK5150L joins other Grove and Manitowoc cranes in Central Trenec’s fleet, some of which have been in reliable operation for more than 15 years.

Since July 2020, a Grove GMK5150L all-terrain crane has been at work assembling and disassembling powerful drilling rigs for Colombia’s hydrocarbon sector, lifting parts and structures of up to 50 t for demanding operations in hard to access locations. The crane has been a reliable workhorse for Central Trenec, a Bogotá-based company specializing in support services for the oil and gas industry.

A Central Trenec representative said the company’s projects are typically performed in challenging environments that require its cranes to lift with precision and deliver for its customers every time. The representative expressed being quite happy with its GMK5150L crane as it has been able to provide agility in its day-to-day tasks. The representative also said Central Trenec’s operations team expressed the crane has adequate capacity for its most critical lifting jobs, and it has enabled the company to reduce the timeframes predetermined by its customers in several projects over the past year.

The GMK5150L’s roadability has been a crucial strength for Central Trenec. The crane can travel long distances on the country’s highways and enter truck-accessible terrain with ease, the representative said. The crane’s high maneuverability and load capacities, in combination with its MEGATRAKTM suspension system that keeps load leveled within the axles, are some of the other positives noted by the company.

The GMK5150L has been lifting heavy parts and machinery that weigh between 30 t and 50 t, up to heights of 10 m to 35 m. Central Trenec’s representative said the crane has “optimal performance in its operation, which is what we have come to expect from all of our Grove and Manitowoc cranes in our fleet.”

As for the general opinion of Central Trenec regarding Manitowoc, the company representative said: “It’s a reliable brand with high standards of performance, safety and service. We receive excellent support from both the distributor and the brand. Our longest running equipment — our Manitowoc crawler cranes which we have owned and operated since 2006 — are a testament to the great service we receive.”

Central Trenec’s GMK5150L crane has joined other Grove and Manitowoc cranes in the company’s fleet, which also includes an RT875, RT9130, TMS9000 and a GMK5130 from Grove; along with two Manitowoc crawler cranes: a 12000 and 12001. All of which have been acquired directly through Manitowoc. The after-sales support has been provided by Bogotá-based E McAllister, the local Manitowoc service dealership since 2016.

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Grove GMK5150L proves ideal for Colombia’s oil and gas extraction industry (Picture 2)
Grove GMK5150L proves ideal for Colombia’s oil and gas extraction industry (Picture 3)