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Manitowoc displays Potain’s Hup 32-27 and Igo M 14 at Artibat 2016 France

  • Manitowoc exhibited the Potain Hup 32-27 and Igo M 14 with local distributors Tony-Mat and JFM at Artibat 2016.
  • The Hup 32-27 has a maximum capacity of 4 t while it can lift 1 t at its jib end of 32 m. 
  • The Igo M 14 has a maximum capacity of 1.8 t with max radius of 22 m.
  • Artibat was an opportunity for Manitowoc to engage with customers in the region.

At this year’s Artibat 2016 Manitowoc showcased the new Potain Hup 32-27 in partnership with its France-based dealer Tony-Mat and the Igo M 14 with its other partner JFM. The event took place from October 19-21 at the Rennes Exhibition Center in Bruz France. It attracted over 40 000 visitors.  

The Potain Hup 32-27 was officially launched at bauma 2016 in Germany and since then it has proven to be a real hit with customers explained Stéphane Giraudo the Manitowoc sales director for France. “We were very pleased to present the Hup 32-27 and show our customers the benefits including its advanced technology ” he said. “Since the launch we have received considerable interest in this crane. We predict that the Hup crane will perform very well in our market thanks to its unique design features which provide so much more power and flexibility.”

The Hup 32-27 has a maximum capacity of 4 t while it can lift 1 t at its jib end of 32 m. The maximum height under hook attainable by the crane is an impressive 40 m. Several jib configurations are available which offer horizontal reach of 11 m 23 m or the 32 m maximum. With the possibility to raise the jib at 10° 20° or 30° along with the telescopic mast the Hup is one of the most versatile cranes in the self-erecting crane category.

Also on display on the Manitowoc stand was the Igo M 14. This crane is considered one of the most mobile self-erecting cranes on the market and was first introduced at bauma 2013. Since then it has been in strong demand throughout France.

The Igo M 14 crane offers a maximum jib radius of 22 m and can lift 0.6 t at jib end. It has a number of features designed to make it one of the easiest cranes to erect. For example permanent steel ballasts – of 4 t or 4.9 t depending on the chosen radius – help to eliminate setup hassles. The size of the Igo M 14 is another key selling point. It has a footprint of just 4 m x 4 m and two counterweight positions – one closer to the mast that reduces swing radius to just 2 m and one further from the mast that provides better lifting capabilities. In both the short and full radius configurations it has a 5.1 t counterweight. 

“Artibat was an important exhibition which gave us the opportunity to help customers find solutions that will increase their productivity ” commented Jean-Pierre Zaffiro global product director at Manitowoc. “Exhibiting with some of our dealers in the region allowed us to showcase our industry-leading products while continuing to collect vital feedback and build strong relationships with our customers.”

Artibat is a regional trade show in France for the construction sector that occurs every two years.

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