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Manitowoc unveils Potain MDT 159 topless tower crane at bauma 2022 to simplify urban construction

  • The latest addition to the Potain MDT City crane range is the MDT 159 which is ideal for small to midsized building projects. 
  • It comes equipped with the new Potain CONNECT™ telematics system for remote monitoring.
  • For greater versatility, owners can choose between two trolleys – a DMP unit with permanent double reeving for maximum lifting power or an SM/DM Quick Lock™ trolley for the flexibility to change reeving.

Manitowoc unveiled the latest addition in its Potain MDT City crane range at bauma 2022, the 6 t capacity MDT 159, which fills the gap between the MDT 139 and MDT 189. With a 60 m maximum jib, the crane is suited to small to midsized building projects of up to 10 floors, and it has been specially designed for tight urban jobsites.

The topless concept is ideal for multi-crane work sites as it reduces the clearance needed for other cranes passing overhead or underneath. The cranes are also famously easy and quick to install, so it’s no surprise that considerable planning went into the transport of the MDT 159. Just three containers are needed to transport the crane’s full upper section. This reduces the complexity of getting the crane on and off the jobsite, while also minimizing disruption to traffic and the surrounding area. 

The speed and simplicity of assembly is aided by Manitowoc’s Crane Control System (CCS), which improves the efficiency of communication between the crane and on-site staff. The technology also enables the lifting and distribution ropes to be fixed at ground level, reducing assembly work required in the air. Once the crane is ready to work, CCS ensures high standards are maintained through more efficient performance, optimized ergonomic control, and integrated maintenance.

Choosing the best way to work

The MDT 159 features two new trolley systems, one with permanent four falls and one with an automatic reeving system, allowing owners to select the best option for them. The DMP trolley is a simple and economical system that is easy to set up and requires only limited maintenance. The permanent double reeving means no adjustment to the ropes is needed on site and the crane’s maximum capacity of 6 t is permanently available. The DMP trolley also offers 0.5 m greater height under hook compared to the SM/DM Quick Lock™ alternative.

The chief advantage of the SM/DM Quick Lock™ trolley is its ability to automatically change reeving at the flick of a switch. This process is managed and secured by the CCS and requires no manual intervention or accessories. This allows owners to take on a wider variety of lifting tasks as required. 

The Potain MDT 159 is one of the first models to come equipped with the new Potain CONNECT™ telematics system. This remote technology platform ensures high uptime for cranes through faster identification and resolution of issues, preventing escalation through earlier insight. It offers remote access to crane data for troubleshooting and fleet management, enabling Potain customers to get more from their machines. 

“When developing new cranes, we are fully focused on our customers’ needs – helping them to get the job done quicker and easier. Tight, congested jobsites are becoming increasingly common, making transport optimization and straightforward assembly more important than ever. We have listened, and designed the Potain MDT 159 as the perfect city crane,” said Thibaut Le Besnerais, vice president for brand and product management, tower cranes, at Manitowoc.

Like other Potain MDT City cranes, all mechanisms on the MDT 159 are driven by frequency inverters. Lifting power comes from a 33LVF15 hoist winch. 


Dominique Leullier
Marketing Director Europe
+ 33 4 72 18 21 60