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MDT 159

The new City, innovative and even easier!

The MDT 159 is the new MDT City Topless 6 t crane and will complete the already famous MDT City range. Its performances are adapted to various construction jobsites with Max. load: 6 t, Jib length from 25 m to 60 m, in 5 m increments, Load at jib nose: 3.3 t at 45 m, Load at jib nose: 1.6 t (1.75 t P+) at 60 m, Variable frequency control mechanisms proven on the job site, K masts. This crane inherits the features like the ease and speed of erection from the famous MDT City range but it is equipped with two new trolleys making the crane easier to use: the SM/DM Quick Lock™ and the DMP (Permanent 4-fall rope reeving).


  • Crane Control System (CCS)

    Manitowoc Crane Control System (CCS) – Offers a user-friendly interface, full graphic display, ergonomic controls, a jog dial for easier navigation and data input, and parts commonality across Grove, Manitowoc and Potain product lines enhancing operator familiarization and serviceability.

  • Potain Cab-IN

    Potain Cab-IN

    Potain Cab-IN, the new Potain cranes operator lift
    Access ladders installed in parallel to the operator lift
    Operator lift developed with our partner GEDA



    Our cranes become a connected and sustainable lifting solution.

  • SM/DM Quick Lock™ and DMP

    SM/DM Quick Lock™ and DMP trolleys - Feature image

    For greater versatility, owners can choose between two trolleys – a DMP unit with permanent double reeving for maximum lifting power or an SM/DM Quick Lock trolley for the flexibility to change reeving.


  • Description

    The MDT 159 features two new trolley systems, one with permanent four falls and one with an automatic reeving system, allowing owners to select the best option for them. The DMP trolley is a simple and economical system that is easy to set up and requires only limited maintenance. The permanent double reeving means no adjustment to the ropes is needed on site and the crane’s maximum capacity of 6 t is permanently available. The DMP trolley also offers 0.5 m greater height under hook compared to the SM/DM Quick Lock™ alternative.

    The chief advantage of the SM/DM Quick Lock™ trolley is its ability to automatically change reeving at the flick of a switch. This process is managed and secured by the CCS and requires no manual intervention or accessories. This allows owners to take on a wider variety of lifting tasks as required. 

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