• Potain Cab-IN

    Potain Cab-IN

    Potain Cab-IN, the new Potain cranes operator lift
    Access ladders installed in parallel to the operator lift
    Operator lift developed with our partner GEDA


  • Description

    The perfect crane for confined areas

    • Almost vertical luffing jib for minimum space requirement when working
    • Weathervaning radius optimized for each jib length just 10 m for the 50 m jib ideal for congested jobsites
    • Option to fit the cab on the left-or right-hand side of the jib according to jobsite needs and especially to allow installation of the crane as close to the building as possible.

    The fastest fitting of a luffing jib crane

    • One single counter-jib/jib foot package bringing together all of the connected hydraulic functions. No inter-jobsite dismantling/fitting compact and transportable in one package
    • No installation of luffing rope thanks to an innovative hydraulic system: save fitting time compared to traditional luffing system and increased safety

    New technologies

    • The Topless design with several elements making up the slewing crane part reduce the standard size and weight to make transport handling and fitting easier
    • The VVH hydraulic system allows complete hoisting of the jib in two minutes

    Optimized transport

    • Only 4 containers or 4 trucks for transportation of the whole slewing crane part with a 50 m jib

    Optimized return on investment

    • Luffing jib crane adapted to very tight urban jobsites
    • Economical transport easy and adapted to the fitting sequences
    • Fitting/dismantling time reduced through a design combining the Topless concept with hydraulic luffing technology
    • Improved fitting safety
    • Mast section fleet management optimized through reuse of mast sections type K 1.6 m and 2 m

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