The combination of the Topless design and the new Hydraulic luffing jib technology for great performances 

180 Ft jib (55 m) max jib
11 Ust max load (10 t)
1,65 USt tip load with 180ft jib (1,5t) & 3USt with 164ft jib


  • Potain Cab-IN

    Potain Cab-IN

    Potain Cab-IN, the new Potain cranes operator lift
    Access ladders installed in parallel to the operator lift
    Operator lift developed with our partner GEDA


  • Luffing jib
    • A high-performance luffing jib crane for confined areas
      • The Potain VVH hydraulic luffing jib technology for an efficient luffing motion
      • Only 2 minutes to raise up completely the jib, for more efficiency
      • Fitting in very confined areas: Very short Out of service weather vanning radius, 33ft whatever the jib length
    • The easiest and fastest luffing jib crane erection scenario
      • One single counter-jib/jib foot package
      • No luffing wire rope installation needed thanks to the innovative hydraulic system
      • Elements weights under 8.5USt for easy erection and dismantling
  • Description
    • Great return on investment
      • Optimized transport and logistics thanks to the Topless concept: the crane transportable in 4 standard containers only
      • Available on 1,6 m and 2 m section regular Potain K masts for fleet optimization


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