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Hamburg-based heavy lift specialist Gustav Seeland acquires new Grove flagship model

  • Grove impresses German heavy lift company Gustav Seeland once again, with the organization adding a new 450 t capacity all-terrain crane to its fleet. 
  • The company received a Grove GMK6450-1 – its largest crane and first six-axle model. 
  • The delivery comes just after Gustav Seeland purchased a GMK5250XL-1, which was previously its largest crane.

Grove continues to help customers grow their businesses, and for Hamburg, Germany-based Gustav Seeland that means delivering a crane that enables the company to take on larger and more challenging jobs. The company has received a class-leading Grove GMK6450-1 all-terrain crane which is now the strongest and largest crane in the company’s fleet. 

Seeland’s latest acquisition came in September 2023, a year after its purchase of a Grove GMK5250XL-1 last September, which was previously the largest crane in its fleet. The team from Seeland was so impressed with the performance of the GMK5250XL-1, that it had the confidence to invest in the larger GMK6450-1.

“Our business is growing in all divisions, and our Grove cranes have played a key role in helping us advance. By investing in the GMK6450-1, we can support our loyal customers with even more capability. We’ve already seen very strong interest in the new crane,” said Johann Evers, managing director at Gustav Seeland. 

Understandably, with such an important purchase, the company involved a range of team members and departments in the selection process. This included management, sales, scheduling, and, of course, operators. The process included a detailed inspection of the crane at Manitowoc’s Wilhelmshaven facility in Germany, where Grove all-terrain cranes are manufactured. After assessing the GMK6450-1 and comparing it with alternatives on the market, Seeland selected the GMK6450-1 for its class-leading strength, fast and convenient assembly, and its unique market position with “no comparable competitors,” according to Johann Evers. 

The GMK6450-1 will be integrated into all business areas of Seeland’s operations, which include heavy transport, specialized transport, crane rental, industrial assembly, and engineering. The GMK6450-1 is a highly compact crane that boasts a 450 t capacity with load capacities of up to 64 t on the 60 m main boom or up to 9 t at the maximum 132 m lifting height. For easier traveling, Seeland has opted to have its crane fitted with a boom removal configuration, reducing axle loads to their lowest level for situations where minimal transportation weight is required.  

The crane also impresses with its capacity-enhancing MegaWingLiftTM, a self-rigging system that enables sub-20-minute setup and swift dismantling times. This rapid set-up and tear-down was another design feature that strongly appealed to the team at Seeland, as it increases efficiency on jobsites.

“We’re thrilled to share in Seeland’s growth into the heavy-lifting segment with the purchase of our new Grove GMK6450-1. This purchase reflects the strong relationship and trust between our two companies. We will continue to push the limits of what’s possible and create new cranes that can help our customers continue to excel in the lifting industry,” said Holger Haber, Manitowoc’s area sales manager for Northern Germany. 


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