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R&D Crane expands fleet with new Grove GMK5250L all-terrain crane to meet growing market demand

  • The new GMK5250L brings Grove’s latest technologies to R&D Crane’s fleet; the crane was designed to increase job site versatility and lower operating costs.
  • Shawmut Equipment of Canada, a Grove dealer, guided R&D Crane’s decision to invest in the 300 USt (250 t) crane, to help the company meet upcoming bridge erection project requirements.

R&D Crane, a division of the Cherubini Group of Companies operating in Atlantic Canada, recently expanded their extensive fleet with the purchase of a new Grove GMK5250L. The addition of the 300 USt (250 t) all-terrain crane was fueled by increased demand in the market, especially in R&D Crane’s primary fields of focus, which includes bridge and structural erection, tilt-up building panel erection and industrial mechanical machinery (air conditioning units) installation.  

Being a proud Grove customer, they have purchased various Grove cranes including Grove GMK6400, TMS9000E, TMS9000-2 and GRT880 units. The most recent addition, the brand new GMK5250L all-terrain crane, offers groundbreaking technologies and was designed with advancements focusing on enhancing job site versatility, lowering operating costs and increasing return on investment.

The GMK5250L was received in May of this year and its inaugural job was just one week later erecting the William Trail Bridge in Waverly, Nova Scotia. The crane is designed with a 230 ft (70 m) MEGAFORM main boom manufactured with the Twin-Lock boom pinning system, ensuring that the boom is among the most stable on the market.

The machine’s dimensions allow for excellent roadability while providing a stronger reach and load chart than many fixe-axle cranes in its class. Other new advancements include Manitowoc’s user-friendly Crane Control System (CCS) and the VIAB Turbo clutch module, which was designed to improve fuel economy and increase maneuverability.

“Due to increased demand in the market, coupled with many upcoming bridge erection jobs, the new GMK5250L was an essential purchase to continue with the work that we do. The decision to purchase the Grove GMK5250L comes down to our comfort with the Grove/Manitowoc product lines, our 25 year relationship with Shawmut Equipment and their professional team of technicians that provide the customer service and support we need,” said Aaron Harvey, general manager of R&D Crane.

Shawmut Equipment of Canada’s team was instrumental in helping R&D Crane navigate Grove’s all-terrain range of options, leading the crane operator to the GMK5250L, because it precisely fits the company’s capacity and ease-of-transport needs. 

“When R&D Crane was looking to upgrade their Grove GMK5240, the Grove GMK5250L was a clear choice. With a 230 ft (70 m) main boom, ease of transport, and latest technology, the machine is a perfect fit for them,” added Dave Hawboldt, sales representative of Shawmut Equipment of Canada. “Shawmut continues to enjoy a prosperous relationship with the Cherubini Group and R&D Crane. We are pleased to continue to support the company with OEM parts, factory-trained technicians and any other future equipment needs.”

R&D Crane, based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, has been providing crane services to a broad range of industries, including construction, commercial, marine, wind and residential for over 30 years. Shawmut Equipment of Canada is a longtime Grove dealer. The company recently moved its Canadian headquarters to Elmsdale, Nova Scotia.


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