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Grove GMK5250L-1 is third arrival of 2023 for G.A. Neeb

  • German freight transport and logistics company, G.A. Neeb, has received a GMK5250L-1, its third Grove all-terrain crane of 2023. 
  • Earlier this year the company purchased a GMK6300L-1 and a GMK3060L-1.

G.A. Neeb picked up its third Grove crane this year, a Grove GMK5250L-1, at a special handover ceremony at the Manitowoc factory in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. All three deliveries were provided through German Grove dealer KranAgentur Werner. 

“Our newest Grove crane is a perfect investment,” said Gustav-Armin Neeb, CEO at G.A. Neeb. “With its second hoist, it’s ideally equipped for erecting power lines, working on wind farms, or assembling precast concrete sections on construction sites.”

The GMK5250L-1 is a compact, 250 t capacity crane with unmatched load charts — the kind usually found on six-axle cranes. It has a 70 m telescopic main boom with a 4 m long, hydraulically adjustable heavy-duty jib integrated into its bi-fold swingaway jib. This set up offers load capacities of up to 60 t. 

Three arrivals for 2023

In March this year, the company received a Grove GMK3060L-1. This is the second three-axle, 60 t Grove crane for Neeb and it has already established itself as a favorite in the company’s fleet. It has a 48 m main boom and can travel with up to 7.5 t counterweight and still fall within the 12 t per axle load limit. Measuring just 2.55 m wide and carrying plenty of accessories means the crane completes its tasks swiftly and efficiently.

A few weeks after receiving its GMK3060L-1, G.A. Neeb welcomed another Grove, this time a GMK6300L-1, the most powerful crane in its class. The 300 t capacity GMK6300L-1 has an 80 m main boom with up to 37 m of jib available, for an overall maximum tip height of 120 m. With the main boom, it can lift up to 14 t to its full height and can lift this within a 14 – 28 m working radius. 

“The GMK6300L-1 has many strengths: high load capacity, an 80 m long main boom, and low fuel consumption. We are primarily using the crane for wind farm work, where the components we handle are getting bigger and heavier,” Neeb said.

Prior to the three latest deliveries, G.A. Neeb has five Grove cranes in its current fleet: a GMK4080L, GMK4100L-2, GMK5250XL-1, GMK6300L-1, and a GMK6400-1. 

G.A. Neeb was established as a family company more than 60 years ago and is headquartered in Wuppertal, Germany. In 1991, Gustav-Armin Neeb took over the business from his father Gustav-Adolf Neeb. In 2000, it opened an office in Zaragoza, Spain. 


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